Sometimes, vehicles with oversized tires and suspension lifts do not fit through commercial car washes. Even if your vehicle does fit in the normal car wash, it’s not the finish you want. It doesn’t take a gearhead to know how a ride should look-- Everyone appreciates a good looking ride with a quality finish: A detail job completed with meticulous attention to detail, no detail overlooked. Gas Pedal Customs’ detailing services are the perfect vehicle care solution for your modified (or stock) vehicle! Some of our services are listed below. Full service pick-up and delivery is available!

  • Handwash: $45
  • Exterior Detailing: Starting at $100
  • Interior Detailing: Starting at $100
  • Engine Detailing: Starting at $75
  • Undercarriage: Starting at $100
  • Billet, Aluminum or Polished Wheels: Starting at $85/hr
  • Minor Paint Touchups, Buffing: Starting at $85/hr